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प्राक्कथन    नक्शा    इतिहास    निर्वाचित सदस्‍यों के नाम व विवरण    सामान्‍य जानकारियॉ    स्वीक्रित पद    नगरपालिका के अधिकारी एवं कर्मचारी    सडकों पर लाईट व्‍यवस्‍था    कचरा निवटान हेतु संसाधन    जलआवंटन संरचना एवं स्‍ञोत    कंप्‍यूटरीकरण    वार्षिक बजट    नगर की मुख्‍य सडकें    नगर की मुख्‍य पाठशालायें    जनसंख्या   

Sanawad Nagarpalika was came into existence with effect from 15-4-1994.The total area covered by the Kali Nagarpalika is 3.55 km. and having total population of 34,220 as per 2001 census provisional figures.
The other important statistics area as under.

Sr. Particulars. Details.
1. Population
   Male :
   Female :
   Other :
   Total :
2. Area 3.55 SqKm
3. No of Societies more then 90 & Kaligam village area.
4. No of Properties About 6000
5. No of Water connections About 6000
6. Kuchcha Roads

स्वीक्रित पद

Sr. Designation Post
1. Chief Officer 1
2. Clerk
3. Pen
4. Boar Operator
5. Wireman
6. Wireman Helper
7. Driver
8. Overseer
9. Supervisor
10. Mukardam
11. Computer Operator
12. Community Organizer
13. Co-Ordinator
14. Safai Kamdar
15. Gardner
Total 99999

Street Light Details

Sr. Particular Count
1. Sodium Lamps 1
2. Tube lights
3. CFLs
4. High mask lights

Solid Waste Management

Every society has Plastic Drum for solid waste. Hither to the solid waste generated is being partly dumped in an open space. All roads are cleaned by safai kamdar everyday.

Total No. of Safai Kamdar : 17
Sr. Vehicle for removal of solid waste. Count
1. Tractor
2. Loader
3. Tempo
4. Cart
5. Containers
6. Water Supplier Tanker
7. Container Carrier
Total 99999

Water Supply Management

Sr. Name of water supply. Capacity(Litre)


the following activities have been computerised.

Total No. of Centers : 1
Sr. Task. Status
1. Registration of Birth Death Data from 1961 has been computerized. Day to day data entry and on-line issue of Birth and Death certificates is in practice.
2. Accounts Account in double entry system has been introduced.
3. Water supply billing and collection computerized
4. Property tax billing and collection computerized
5. Shops and establishments
5. Tenders
6. Water Supplier Tanker

Annual Budget of Municipal council

The details of Nagarpalika budget for year 2004-2005 is as described below: .

Total Profit : 1Rs.
Particulars. Amount in Rs.
Opening Balance
Net Balance

public Roads

The details of Nagarpalika road is as described below: .

Total Area : 10Kms.
Sr. Particulars. Length in Kms.
1. Asphalt Roads
2. Cement Concrete
3. Black Metal Roads
4. Kuchcha Roads

Details of Schools

Sr. Particulars.
1. Zila Panchayat School
2. Higher secondary school
3. Total Percentage of literacy
*percentage given from Census 2001,;E-mail:rgofficer[at]censusindia[dot]net Top

Caste Details

Sr. Particulars.
1. General
2. SC
3. ST
4. OBC
*percentage given from Census 2001,;E-mail:rgofficer[at]censusindia[dot]net Top

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