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One Spot - Non Stop Convenience at City
Civic center and Internet

The major objective of the total e-governance through city civic centers is to treat all citizens like customer of a large corporate. The duties enumerated in "citizen charter" are brought in under the electronic process and user friendly inter action.


*    To solve complaints quickly & justify the legate requirement of citizens.
*    Friendly relationship with citizens.
*    Transparency & honesty.

Only sensitive human relation will be a chain between citizens, officers, workers and political parties in most of the cases. This type of successful administration is most effective rather than science, technology, law - rules & regulation.


*     Each & every applicants will be given receipt of application.
*     Time limit of solving problems will be also mentioned.
*     All type of information, forms, position of all application or 
        complaint will be available at civic center as well on web
        for the their knowledge.
*     With all type of application what documents are required & what are
        the standards (changes) will be also informed.
*     For taking different kind of decision the standard rules and
        regulation will be declared.
*     We are open to welcome the geniun suggestions from citizens
*     Enough declaration of plans ( infrastructure) as well procedure 
        & limit along with yardsticks.
*     Analysis of Adhikar patra will be done offer six months & 
        will be doing the changes accordingly it required.

The announcement will be also done.
Citizens use to visit Sanawad Nagarpalika for the various utility services pertaining to different departments. Many times citizens are not having clear understanding or a idea about the solution of their problems that when as will be cleared & in what time limit because of wide network of Nagarpalika & its complication.
Administration has its own network & decision making authority has to work at different levels i.e. clerk to cheif officer & above. Entire office has to work according to government's rules regulation & limitation of its own.
As citizens are not having clear understanding about rules prevaling & procedure of getting the work done, Either it is delayed or sometimes remain unsolved & they might have misunderstanding & as a result gradually they may lose the confidence.
Our effects are to with over the situation & not only retaing their confidence but to increare it at the highest level.
As you know it is not possible with out your cooperation.

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